Offset Printing

The technique originated in 1875 and emerging every day with new innovations in the machinery and printing techniques. Even in the current Digital era, offset printing is used widely to print Leaflet, Brochure, Notice, and Booklets which are used for promoting any product or business to a large audience.

On an average, only 9% of digital advertisements have reached the targetted audience count. Printed advertisements are more likely to be read or forwarded to other interested audience.

Digital Printing

Amaze Printers has now started Digital Printing which gives Full Color, High Speed, Benchmark Productivity, Print Quality, and Economics. With our digital Printing Technology, we have brought technical advancements, more options and exciting new features to today’s commercial printing. Not only this, we are also Industry Leader in Offset Printing Services including Pre Press, Press and Post Press.


Small handouts usually provided in remembrance of an event or to send out an open invitation to any event.


Brochures contain more details about the event/product. Usually contains 4 or 6 pages of crisp content with a few related images.


Notice / Flyers / Pamphlet are distributed door-to-door through the mail, posted on bulleting boards, put under windshield wipers of cars, given away at events or on the street, or affixed to telephone poles, walls, or other surfaces


Booklets usually contain multiple pages of information like tourist attraction spots, calaogue of products, etc.,